The Final Whistle

Finals day is one of the most prestigious events on the club rugby calendar and just like the teams and players, us referees are hoping that our performance during the year has put us in the right position to be in contention for a finals appointment. Everybody knows what they want and what they think they deserve, yet only a select few get the games available. For me this year has been my year. I have grown piece by piece as a referee, taken on learning after criticism after learning and used them to my advantage and refereed some of my best games of rugby.
I believe that this is why I got my club final. The game being the women’s club final held on waikato stadium.

The event was a huge one and to be fair I don’t think I was anywhere near as organised as I could have been, but the organisation I did do allowed for me to have a cool head going into the game. Pre matches were done on time, if not a little early and everything I needed to say and set up was done in a way that I wanted them to be done. I warmed up as per usual and was ready to run out only to find that the game before me was running for 100minutes to find a winner. All I thought was ohwell shit happens.

The field felt as big as the occasion itself and yet when the game kicked off everything seemed to fall into place for me as a referee. My positioning fit the game and my speed and training had put me in the right position to be there at every breakdown. It just felt right. Knowing some of the girls through waikato trainings meant that rapport with my players was easy to establish, even as their frustration and tension rose. The games outcome showed a clear winner however the game itself felt like a tough competition that was fought hard from start to finish with neither team giving up until my final whistle blew.

With finals day been and gone it’s time to set myself up for any opportunities that may be thrown at me for the rest of the year and pick up my training to get to where I need to be to reach my goals. It’s not time to ease off yet, rugby is honestly a year round sport in the modern day, plus 7s season is just around the corner!

On saturday one of my ARs let me know what her referee motto is, and it’s that ‘You don’t have to be the greatest you just have to be the best you that you can be’. For myself this motto speaks to both the hopeful and the driven side of me because I am going to work as hard as I can to be the best me and if that me is the greatest, than it’s just that much sweeter of an achievement.

Peace out,

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