Giving back to the game.

After these past few weeks of awesome opportunities and recognition for my hard work this season, I found myself wondering something. Wondering how much I was taking from the game. From taking opportunities that have arisen to taking up resources to make me better and taking my place in the middle of games week in week out. The thing is, in being a referee you have an amazing opportunity to give back to a game that can change, make or even break people’s lives just by being in the middle. On finals day I made a huge decision that would give back to not only the game but a referee and the teams they would then come across. I chose to go from being a mentor to a full blow, all or nothing referee coach to one of our newest recruits and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I took this referee under my wing after knowing and seeing that I had the tools in my belt to help her start out on the right track. I begun my refereeing career down at the levels she is at now and I remember all of the little things my coaches would talk to me about before games, at half time and afterwards. I remember their nod and smiles when I did something right and their encouragement to try something new when things went a little pear shaped and that’s what I want for my referee.

I have found, just from the very beginning that watching someone else do what you love is one of the MOST rewarding pieces of my refereeing puzzle. I get to help her achieve what I did and get to hope that one day she will grow to be better than I could ever be. It’s going to be a long road ahead and one this is very unfamiliar for Me, however I know that I have the support behind me to help her become better than she was in the last game, every game.

It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to give back to refereeing. I am so lucky to see the other side of what I go through every week, from the questions to the excitement it’s just as fun as being the focus. It will continue to help me improve my game and look at different ways that could help me see the game from a different perspective also. So bring on the challenge and let’s hope I succeed for her sake.

Peace out,


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