Organised Chaos

So. I had this epiphany the other night in the shower, right when I should have been tucked up in bed snoozing for my 6am alarm for my morning shift the next day. It’s like my whole life just hit me in the face and told me that this ONE thing is the key to my success now and in the future in regards to all aspects of my life. Before I tell you what it is, I’ll get into a little back story so that you see where I’m coming from.

My life is absolute chaos. My work is chaos, with different shifts and timings, different patients with different things wrong with them and different speeds at which my day can run at. I can come home absolutely dead after a high paced, full on (potentially stressful) day at work, OR I could come home bored after a snail-paced day wanting more. That is the beauty of my job, the fact that everyday holds something different but it can also be extremely messy in regards to organisation. With refereeing the same thing happens, each Saturday (or any day of the week these days) I could be refereeing a different team, of many different grades. It could be pouring down with rain and I could be laying down scrums one after another and trying to play advantage to get the game running. OR it could be a beaut of a day, sweat dripping off of me, the outside backs getting a lot of pill and force back kicking could be in full play. Either way it is different, it is chaos and in all honesty all of these elements combined could really turn to poo (which has definitely happened on more occasions than I would like to acknowledge).

While in my overly hot shower all of this all turned up and I wondered how I had been dealing with it. This year has been huge for me with new opportunities and challenges and it is only proving to get much better but how have I done this without crumbling like I would have before? My secret that I had been keeping from myself this whole time is organisation. This year I have found that I have had more of a plan and more of an understanding of what needs to be done and for the majority, how to do it. I have found what types of training seem to work alongside my body to get going and therefore improved my motivation to be fitter and better as an athlete, while work-wise I have found which shifts work best for me to get me training (instead of being a lazy-ass) and how to get enough sleep for these shifts to function properly.  With work I have also found that using a diary and planning out my week, including dinners, jobs, what shift I am on and the training I will be doing that week on which days has been really effective. Knowing what is coming takes away the guess-work for me, improving my drive to get things ticked off the to-do list and puts more ownership on me when I don’t do something. Lastly, in regards to refereeing I have had a coach who knows what I want and wants that for me too but mostly we have created a plan at least twice throughout the season with many conversations and meetings about how to improve and move forward. This means that I know where I want to get to, how to get there and what changes we need to tweak along the way. All of these things have come together and has created this peaceful clarity in my everyday life.

For me, the stress in my life is what keeps me going. It gets me buzzed and provides an energy that helps me to get things done. The reason these stressors are now good rather than bad is my new-found organised chaos. This organisation is key for me and one of the most significant reasons why this year has gone so well, with both refereeing and work. Chaos can be chaos but if it’s organised (at least for me) it can also be the most productive kind of chaos you can find.

So guys, this is my organised chaos and this is how I have settled into my life in ALL elements (except maybe the household chores…).

Peace out,


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