A Call From Good Ol’ Opportunity

Sometimes in life you just feel like you have nailed it. All of your ducks are in a row and all of the doors that are opening are leading to things that are making your unrealistic goals look pretty dam realistic. This is me right about now. I’m not bragging, I am just stating a fact. For so many years I have wanted so much from my refereeing but wasn’t fully committed training wise and mentality wise. I would half-ass my trainings or miss them all together for one excuse or another. My mental state was pretty fragile and when any of these potential opportunities arose well, I turned into a puddle (as I have explained to you guys soooo many times). The thing is everybody is running at their own time, to their own ticking clock and their own pace. I never realised all of this before. I expected to be good because I was told that I could be and others around me were, I expected that I would just get fitter or faster but never really pushed my body often enough, I just expected and of course that is never good enough. Today though, I am training more than I have before and in a way that I know my body works best, I am putting in the effort to seek help from my coach to create goals and improve everything on and off of the field, I am open to change and am so MOTIVATED. And that is why all of these doors are opening (that and the fact that I may have performed well throughout the season).

My point is that last week I got a phone call asking me if I wanted to AR 2 (the second assistant referee) the Farah Palmer Cup Championship Final in Wellington. My obvious answer was YES! The only barrier was the fact that I was rostered to work this day… However, thanks to one of my amazing work colleagues I was able to trade shifts to make it. I could not tell you how stoked I was to have been offered this opportunity, I didn’t expect it and it just landed itself right into my hot little hands and I was super keen to just get there and do my job to support the referee for an awesome occasion. The day was a long one, with flights into and out of the capital all within the day and brunch and speeches filling in the rest of the time that wasn’t absorbed by rugby itself. The team I was a part of had all met and gelled before so it wasn’t hard to feel comfortable with the presence of each other, making the magnitude of the event seem a little less daunting from my point of view. Once the game kicked of my head was in the game and although there were times where I had to focus extra hard for the right decision, I feel as though I was able to positively support and contribute toward my team and therefore the two teams involved.

The thing is with these sorts of opportunities, they come and go so quickly considering the build up to game day seems so long. I left Wellington that Saturday with a smile on my face knowing that I did something right this 15’s season to put me in this position and that’s an awesome feeling to have. Yeah, there was a bit of pressure on me to perform but the thing about a final’s appointment is that whether you are an AR or a referee, you got put there for a reason and changing anything going into the game/s would be crazy as it’s what you have been doing that has put you there.

All I’m saying is find what motivates you, grab that motivation with two hands (with whatever passion drives you) and put in the effort to make those crazy goals an absolute reality. The opportunities will come from there.

Peace out,


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