Live Your Whole You.

Sometimes life just catches up on you. All the times you said yes and all of the opportunities you claimed in the tightest of grips. These opportunities are set out to help you grow as a referee but mostly they teach you how to manage, not just rugby but life as a whole.

In the last few months I have had several opportunities just like these. From Ignite7 to regionals and national 7s to just recently having the chance to be a part of the emerging Black ferns development camp. All of these things had to be worked into my everyday life, my job and my me time and somehow I have done it. All to do it again with anything that is thrown at me from here on out. What I’m trying to get at is that all of these things have their place in growing you as a person but they also all have the potential to tear you down and ruin you through sheer exhaustion as well.

Today I took time out for me. I realised I couldn’t just go out and train, I couldn’t just go and do all of the jobs I have stacked up in lists upon lists. I had to prioritise ME! For anyone this could look like chilling on the couch, having a bath, reading a book or just watching movie after documentary after series on Netflix. It doesn’t matter, as long as your body and mind have that chance to reset so that we can tackle the rest of the week, month and year at full steam.

For me, I like to be busy. It is some of the reason why I referee, why I am still doing postgrad and why I still put my hands up for things within work and as a referee. Without rugby I feel lost on a Saturday and without work I feel poor and unfulfilled and without my family, speedway and friends around me my soul isn’t happy. All of these things, no matter who you are, matter in the big picture. Whether you like being busy or don’t, looking after each of these aspects and making sure each one is tended to throughout the week/month is important to keep your head in the game as a referee.

Rugby is not half of me it is a piece of me and I (and every other referee) need to make sure that piece is looked after by looking after all of the other little pieces that make up my whole me.

Peace out,

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